Alfarotator - the effective workplace to earn free satoshi from faucets. Must have app!

    Alfarotator - is an innovative bitcoin faucets rotator in form of Chrome add-on. Alfarotator helps to increase your profit, and also simplify and accelerate satoshi collection process. The unique feature is a semi-automatic SolveMedia captcha solver.
   Only two clicks is required to open best paying faucets available for you in worldwide web. Risks to get "Safety limits" or "Insufficient funds" states are minimal.
  On the opened page, Alfarotator will automatically insert your bitcoin address and highlight all elements of anti-bot verification. You just have to solve the captcha and get a reward on your FaucetHUB, ePay or FaucetSystem accounts.
   Alfarotator automatically check your balance and inform that you have really received satoshi or not. You may also check your balance manually, view payout history, skip undesireble faucets for you, open three faucets by one click and add a new faucet to Alfarorator.
Interface of Alfarotator main window


Maximum income

Maximum income

At each time Alfarotator offers links to top 3 best paying faucets available for your account. This list is updated every minute.
Captcha solver

Captcha solver

Simply start to type text in SolveMedia captcha and Alfarotator provides some tips in drop-down list. Choose the right variant and voilà - captcha is solved!


Current reward in satoshis displayed directly on the application icon. So you can do another work and collect cryptocurrency when decide.


Alfarotator protect you from visiting faucets in state of "safety limits" or "insufficient funds". If faucet don’t paid it will be automatically suspended.
Address insertion

Address insertion

Alfarotator automatically insert your address on visited faucet page. So you don't need to waste time for manual copy and paste it.
Elements highlighting

Elements highlighting

Alfarotator highlights on visited page elements of Antibot verification (captchas, buttons and links). Ad banners disguised as captchas or buttons will be omitted.

How To Install Alfarotator ?

Step 1

Launch your Chrome Web Browser.
Chrome browser logo

Step 2

Click on the link bellow.
Then, add the extension to Chrome Web Browser by clicking on “Add to Chrome”.
Add to Chrome

Step 3

Click on the Alfarotator icon on the top right of Chrome Web Browser.
Alfarotator icon in Chrome browser

Referral system

Your referral link is:

You can post this link on the Internet, send it to your friends or acquaintances. Any visitor who will follow by this link and will be registered in Alfarotator become your referral forever on all faucets in Alfarotator.

Alfarotator will alternate the referral links associated with your and Alfarotator bitcoin addresses. So, referral payment will be sent to your bitcoin address at each even visit to faucet, and to the Alfarotator bitcoin address at each odd visit.

Thus, on average, your income will be 50% of the referral fee paid for the faucet's claim.
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